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Join SAM Figure Skating

The mission of SAM Figure Skating is to promote and advance the sport of skating on ice in Maine.   SAM is a member club of U.S. Figure Skating -- the national governing body for the sport of figure skating on ice in the United States. U.S. Figure Skating is recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee as the authority for the sport that sets the standards for the proficiency of skaters. As a member of U.S. Figure Skating, SAM is the all-volunteer run organization that serves as the first step on the road to the Olympics.

Skaters often begin in our “Basic Skills” program. In Basic Skills, skaters learn the fundamentals of ice skating for use in hockey, figure skating, ice dance, synchronized skating, and recreational skating. Skaters learn in small groups of individuals who are at the same level and at the end of each level, each skater earns a badge and certificate showing their achievement.

When a skater joins our Basic Skills program, they are granted an introductory membership to U.S. Figure Skating. This membership allows the skater to participate in Basic Skills classes, Basic Skills practice ice, and U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned Basic Skills competitions and exhibitions.

As a skater becomes more proficient at skating, they may decide to dedicate more time and a stronger commitment to figure skating. This means that the skater will require more ice time with instruction that is focused on their personal needs. This is the time when it makes sense to become a member of SAM Figure Skating and to hire a private coach.

Why join SAM Figure Skating?

As a member of SAM Figure Skating a skater will have access to the following resources:

  • SAM Figure Skating Ice – SAM contracts with ice arenas for special ice times that SAM has exclusive access to. These ice times are structured for the various disciplines of figure skating in order to ensure the safety of the skater and to optimize his/her skating session. Skaters can take private lessons on this ice or practice what they’ve learned in previous lessons. 
  • Private Coaches – SAM has stringent standards for its skating coaches. SAM reviews the credentials and monitors the training of each coach to ensure that they are teaching at the appropriate levels.
  • Test Sessions – As a skater progresses through the learning curve, they must pass tests before a panel of judges credentialed by U.S. Figure Skating. SAM organizes test sessions by securing ice time, judges, and the people power required to run the session and to process the necessary paperwork associated with the recordkeeping for each skater.
  • Shows and Exhibitions – Membership in SAM allows skaters to perform in shows and competitions sponsored and sanctioned by SAm. Depending on the event, skaters must meet the qualifications specified in the SAM Show Rules.
  • Sanctioned Competitions –  SAM members often compete in local, regional, and even national skating events. SAM membership in good-standing ensures that the skater is welcome at all events sanctioned by SAM and U.S. Figure Skating.
  • Skating Magazine – A skater automatically becomes a member of U.S. Figure Skating when they join SAM. One of the benefits of a U.S. Figure Skating membership is a subscription to the monthly “Skating” magazine the covers local, regional, national, and international skating news.

The biggest benefit of becoming a SAM member is meeting new friends and establishing a comradery with others who share the same interests.

SAM’S membership year runs from June 30th to July 1st. Please use the forms in the right sidebar to join today!