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Learn to Skate

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Season!

Joining more than 1,000 rinks and clubs across the nation, SAM is proud to offer Learn To Skate USA in central Maine.  Learn To Skate USA is endorsed by USA Hockey, US Speedskating, and US Figure Skating as the program that instructs the fundamental skills of skating on ice to people of all ages, starting at age 3.

For the 2021-2022 season, SAM will offer six (6) sessions.  Each session consists of six (6) weekly classes that meet on Monday evenings except for some holidays.  The season started on Monday, September 13, 2021, and will run through Monday, June 6, 2022.

To follow is the session schedule for the season:

Session Start Date End Date No class dates
Session 1 Sep. 13, 2021 Oct. 18, 2021
Session 2 Oct. 25, 2021 Nov. 29, 2021
Session 3 Dec. 6, 2021 Jan. 17 2022 Dec. 27, 2021 (Holiday)
Session 4 Jan. 24, 2022 Mar. 7, 2022 Feb. 21, 2022 (Presidents Day)
Session 5 Mar. 14, 2022 Apr. 18, 2022
Session 6 Apr. 25, 2022 Jun. 6, 2022 May 30, 2022 (Memorial Day)

Class schedules and costs

To follow is the schedule for the various class that will be offered on Monday evenings.  The cost shown is per student for 6 weeks of instruction.

Program Name Start Time End Time Class Length Cost
Snowplow Sam (ages 3 to 6) 5:30 PM 6:00 PM 30 minutes $85
Hockey Edge Skills (1) 5:30 PM 6:15 PM 45 minutes $145
Intro to Figure Skating (2) 5:30 PM 6:15 PM 45 minutes $145
Basic Skills (ages 7 and older) 6:15 PM 7:00 PM 45 minutes $125
Adult Skills 6:15 PM 7:00 PM 45 minutes $125

(1) Before enrolling in Hockey Edge Skills, skaters must have passed Basic Skills Level 3.

(2) Before enrolling in Introduction to Figure Skating, skaters must have completed Basic Skills Level 6  -OR-  take the class in combination with Basic Skills Level 5 or Level 6. 

About Our Classes


Snowplow Sam is a 4-level introductory program that consists of preliminary skills for children ages 3-6 or for the skater not yet ready for the Basic Skills program.  Skaters participate in a group setting and are encouraged to progress at their own unique developmental rate.  Helmets are strongly recommended. 30 minutes of instruction.


This program consists of 6 levels which include elements that are the fundamentals for the sport of Hockey, Speed Skating, Figure Skating, and recreational Skating.  Each level of the Basic Skills program contains different skill elements that must be mastered before advancing to the next level.  Upon completion of this program, skaters will have gained the ability to skate forward and backward efficiently, stop and turn, as well as perform crossovers and other footwork with a fair amount of speed and agility.  Basic Skills graduates are safe, confident skates, who are ready to further pursue their interest in Hockey or Figure Skating.  "Introduction to Figure Skating" classes are offered to the skater who would like to continue to learn new skills. Helmets are strongly recommended for young and new skaters. 45 minutes of instruction.


Equivalent to the Basic Skills classes described above.  Class sizes are generally smaller allowing for more individualized instruction.  It is a more relaxed atmosphere in which the adult skater can learn the fundamentals of a great sport.  45 minutes of instruction.


For the Hockey Player.  Introduction of skating drills with emphasis on edging, balance, pressure on edges, and body alignment.  The skater will work on beginning techniques in forward & backward skating, power turns, pivots, stops/starts, and transition movements.  Classes will be broken up into skill levels.  It is recommended that skaters have passed Basic Skills level 3 or have the equivalent skills to be successful in this class. Hockey stick & hockey equipment required.  45 minutes of instruction.


This program consists of 6 levels that are designed to introduce the skater to the elements of Figure Skating including jumps, spins, footwork, and edge drills.  Skaters must have passed level 6 of the Basic Skills Program to enroll in this class or may take this class in combination with Basic Skills levels 5 & 6.  45 minutes instruction.


This program is offered for skaters who would like to work individually with a private coach in addition to taking the Basic Skills Instruction. Lessons usually run for 15 minutes and the cost is $5 for ice plus the cost of the coach.  If you are interested please contact Mark Ellis, Skating Director, at

Learn To Skate USA is endorsed by:

Meet the director

Mark Ellis has been instructing in learn to skate programs across Maine for more than twenty years.  He has also served as the president of SAM’s predecessor – the Skating Club of Maine.  As a competitive skater, Mark won a bronze medal at the 2006 US Figure Skating Adult National Championships in Dallas, TX.

Mark Ellis, SAM Skating Director

Mark Ellis, SAM Skating Director

Learn to Skate Orientation Video

SAM Inclement Weather Policy

Practices or Games will be held and only canceled if the Ice Vault is closed for inclement weather conditions. Only the SAM President or Vice President can cancel a practice or game if the Ice Vault is open for business. Parents still have their personal choice to have their player attend or not attend a practice or game during inclement weather conditions.

SAM Scholarship Fund

The Skating Association of Maine (SAM) strives to provide an opportunity for every child who wants to play hockey or figure skate. The SAM Scholarship Fund is used to provide financial assistance to participants in SAM programs.